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With 25 years of experience, we proudly open our 14th branch in Adana without compromising on the naturalness and quality of our products, which we produce and sell in 13 branches in different countries. We are delighted to bring a new flavor to your breakfast culture by consuming original za’atar in Adana and throughout Türkiye.

Za’atar will add color to your tables with its unique aroma and taste. With its rich spice content and natural structure, it will also contribute to your health. Our products are carefully selected and processed with the highest quality.

We prepare all our products with great care to bring you the unique taste of za’atar. Without compromising on our principles of quality and reliability, we offer our products to you using the freshest and most natural ingredients.

In our new branch in Adana, we will be delighted to welcome our valued customers. We invite you to discover the unique world of za’atar spice and add exquisite flavor to your breakfasts.

We thank you for choosing us to enrich your tables with our natural and delicious products and to enhance your breakfast enjoyment.

Zahura Zahter

Breakfast Za'atar

The emergence of breakfast za’atar dates back to ancient times. People in the past used za’atar for breakfast by making use of the leftovers of cereal grains from the previous year. Over time, this practice gave rise to a breakfast culture. Breakfast za’atar typically consists of roasted chickpeas, roasted chickpeas, wild pistachios (also known as melengiç), marjoram (or fenugreek), cumin, sumac, sesame, chili pepper, salt, and other spices as desired. Za’atar can also be enjoyed on its own for breakfast if preferred. In the past, housewives used to gather with their neighbors around stone mills called “soku.” They would chat while grinding the za’atar into a powdery consistency within these stone mills. Nowadays, this tradition has largely been replaced by mechanization in factories. When it comes to consuming it for breakfast, there are some differences compared to other breakfast items. A bowl of powdered breakfast za’atar is placed on the breakfast table. In another bowl, olive oil is provided. The bread is first dipped in olive oil and then in the za’atar, allowing it to absorb the flavors.


Breakfast za’atar, holds a unique place among breakfast varieties. It is also known as “powdered za’atar” among the public. However, it can cause confusion because za’atar is originally a beneficial green herb. This powdered form of za’atar is obtained by mixing it with ingredients like sesame, roasted chickpea powder, and coriander. As the name suggests, it is a product consumed during morning breakfasts. The most famous way to consume it is by dipping bread in olive oil and then in za’atar. It can be eaten not only in the early hours but sometimes also during lunch breaks or instead of dinner. This entirely depends on the consumer’s preference. In addition to the quality of the product, the type of oil used is also of great importance. If you consume it with counterfeit oils available in the market, you may not achieve the desired taste.

Zahura Zahter


Stomach Issues

It is tailor-made for stomach problems. It can help support the treatment of issues like bloating, gas, or indigestion.

Weight Loss, Diet

Because it is a diuretic, it is frequently used in weight loss diets. It also has diuretic properties.


Strengthens the immune system. Effective in colds during the winter months.

It is rich in vitamin A.


It has a soothing effect. Therefore, it is known for regulating blood pressure and calming palpitations.